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Pdf Export (but also print function) cuts some words

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i use Evernote since 2014 and i like it too much, but i've a problem when i try to print (or make a pdf file) a note.

Sometimes words (or images) between two pages are cutted (see the screenshot here enclosed)

How can i fix it? I tried to edit margin but without success..


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Hi.  You're describing a problem (I think) with many PDF files - some are created from documents with pagination,  and therefore 'break' correctly across pages.  Others have no pagination and the PDF format doesn't care exactly where it breaks longer passages.  Evernote notes don't have breaks either,  so notes converted to PDF have the same issue. 

It is possible to 'fix' this by (if possible) loading the text into a word processor, editing it into correct pages and sections,  and then converting it to PDF.

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This is a big problem with evernote. @gazumped this is not a problem with may PDF files. Other applications like OneNote and Google Docs, etc. can save as pdf extremely well.This is an issue with Evernote. I love Evernote but this issue is something that makes me want to not use the application. Evernote please fix this.


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On 5/12/2020 at 4:13 PM, Mike Rihm said:

Evernote please fix this.

Hi. Just noticed this - as you're a subscriber I suggest you raise the issue with Evernote Support.  We're a -mainly- user-supported forum, and though Evernote staffers do read the comments you're unlikely to get any action being taken on the issue this year.  Support can at least look into why this is happening...

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Upvote!  This is also happening to me, and also only with Evernote.  I've been frustrated with Evernote's printing for a long time. The latest update had so much great stuff, I'm bummed that they didn't address this as part of it. 

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Hi.  This is a 'legacy' Evernote thread,  so if you're using 10.x you're in the wrong place. It's also not a voting thread (though they're for feature requests not bugs) and if you are on Evernote legacy,  Support would inevitably suggest you upgrade to v10.  Either way this seems like an issue with two possible work-arounds:

  1. Download which ever version of Evernote you're not yet using and try that.
  2. If that doesn't work - copy your note into a 'proper' word-processor and save to PDF from there.

-And if this is still an issue in v10 (and you're a subscriber) - contact Support.  It'll take a while,  but may will be able to help identify the issue and get it fixed.

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