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  1. It used to be very simple to drop-down the containing notebook and edit which notebook the note lives in. Now, the function has completed changed - it launches a search for all notes in that notebook. Why have this duplicity, when you can just access the notebook separately? It was more useful for me to be able to easily edit where a note "lives." Also, I notice that you've moved the note information (i) to a more obscure location. For a clipping tool, the source is relatively important, and shouldn't be demoted. There's not need to hide behind the three dots.
  2. Hi. I see that you still have Skitch for iOS. Can you please bring back Skitch for Android? Skitch (independent of my beloved Evernote) fills a distinct need for quickly and easily marking up photos - often to send to someone. I don't need to file it in Evernote first, then mark up, then send.
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