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automatically "open" .eml files when they are added

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I am dragging an dropping .eml files in Evernote (from Lotus Notes).

Currently, the Evernote is created with the .eml file as an attachment.

Is there a process/script/tool that will automatically open the .eml file in evernote, so I can see and search on these emails?

Note: I am using a "local" evernote notebook, so I cannot use email forwarding.


Thanks for any advise or pointers!


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Evernote does provide some inline display viewers, but not for .eml files.

On the Mac platform, .eml files open in the mail app.
On IOS, I purchased app EML Viewer

I store emails in both .eml and .pdf formats.
This allows easier viewing, and the .pdf version is indexed for searching,

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3 hours ago, lawman508 said:

I am dragging an dropping .eml files in Evernote (from Lotus Notes).

If you forward the  email to your EN email address you will get the "expanded" view.

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