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  1. Yes - but it only exports text - all the formatting (and any attachments) are gone. I saw someone doing this in DevonThink - which worked great - it had an "inline" EML file viewer.
  2. Thanks. I was hoping that perhaps there was a third party extension that I could add to Evernote to make this happen.
  3. I am dragging an dropping .eml files in Evernote (from Lotus Notes). Currently, the Evernote is created with the .eml file as an attachment. Is there a process/script/tool that will automatically open the .eml file in evernote, so I can see and search on these emails? Note: I am using a "local" evernote notebook, so I cannot use email forwarding. Thanks for any advise or pointers!
  4. +1 for this. Would like to use Evernote Local Notebook to store emails from Lotus Notes. I can "drag and drop" - but only a link is sent, I want to have the entire email automatically, so I can search on it.
  5. Latest iOS, Evernote and Skitch Open a pdf in a folder in Evernote called 'ABC' With the pdf open, select the Skitch icon to annotate Modify the PDF document in skitch I want to automatically save the document back to Evernote, in the 'ABC' folder. Instead, it saves it to the "Skitch" folder, and I have to manually move it back to the 'ABC' folder. Is there a way I can get skitch to save the updated document into the original 'ABC' folder? Thanks very much,
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