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I want to put in a plug here for the EverTool App. I'm not the developer, just a happy new user.

It's a Windows 10 and Mac app that takes the text on your clipboard and formats it. So you can cut text out of Evernote, open up EverTool, select a predefined format, and then paste it back in. Voila! User-defined styles.

Here's the forum posting that pointed me to it.

So what's so cool about it?

First, it's a nice, convenient way to get user-defined styles in Evernote.

Second, one of the options for a style is "Parse Markdown". So you can write your note in Markdown, cut it, go to EverTool, select a style that parses Markdown, and paste your text back in, and you've got a nicely-formatted note that you wrote in Markdown.

Third, one of the options for a style is "Format code", with a zillion predefined code formats.

Fourth, each style can have a keyboard shortcut. So even without the EverTool app open, you can cut text, hit the shortcut for your style, and paste it back in. It's not quite as seamless as having built-in styles in Evernote, because you have to cut and paste your text before and after formatting it. But still, pretty cool.

Fifth, and best of all - the keyboard shortcuts are not bound to Evernote, they are system-wide (at least in Windows 10 - I don't use a Mac, so I don't know for sure). So you can actually use them in other apps. Let me say that again: You can use the keyboard shortcuts from other apps to add standardized formatting, including Markdown and code styling, on standardized keys in other apps. 

Want to write your Word documents in Markdown? Want to add a code snippet to an email? EverTool has it covered.

I don't know whether the developer intended it to work that way, but if he didn't thank goodness for unintended side effects!

Now, if he can just get it working on Windows 7, I can use it at work to more easily format my emails in Lotus Notes. At least then, something will be easy in Lotus Notes.

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5 hours ago, phils said:

Whoa, I found one of the six people still using Lotus Notes!

For some reason, my company decided many years ago that we'd use it (long before I got there), and now we've got too many solutions built around it to ever get rid of it. It's not quite as bad as jabbing yourself repeatedly in the eye with a sharp stick, but it's close.

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Hi, I am the developer of EverTool.

Thanks for Rob’s great post. This post interprets all the features I want to provide to users. 
About the Fifth point, I am glad you find this little surprise! Yes, it works globally. Therefore, EverTool can transform the text style in every full-text editor, like Word, Gmail, etc..

Right now, I am working hard to make EverTool easier to use and provide as many features as possible.
For example, in the next version you can resize all the images in Evernote to the same width in one click.

Windows 7 is always in my plan. I hope I can support it asap.

I am glad EverTool can help people enhance the productivity. Any feedback and suggestion are welcome ?


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@ctxhou I tried the Windows 10 version and it's nice!

However, I'm wondering if it could be possible for a user to store a short line of text in a "theme" in EverTool, so that you don't have to cut/copy text every time before using a certain theme?

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3 hours ago, ctxhou said:


It sounds like a cool feature. I think it would be useful in some scenarios.

Could you let me know your usage scenario so that I can think about how to integrate it better?

If I am in Evernote and want to import a header from EverTool, it would be quicker to just use the keyboard shortcut for that "theme" and Ctrl+V to have it insert (1.) automatically, instead of me having to type (1.) every time, select it, cut it, use the keyboard shortcut for the theme and then finally Ctrl+V.

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On 7/25/2018 at 2:34 AM, ctxhou said:

Windows 7 is always in my plan. I hope I can support it asap.

I am glad EverTool can help people enhance the productivity. Any feedback and suggestion are welcome ?


when will win7 be supported approximately?

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