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How do I print? Don’t see icon anymore

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Over past 24-48 hours the icon to print Evernote notes disappeared from the page (running latest version 8.12.xxx). Thoughts from the community? Thanks,

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Thanks. Found it...they just made the step more complex in my opinion by removing the ‘box and up arrow’ icon at top of the tool bar.



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I finally found it. Why, why, why would they make users click on a thing that says "shareable link on" in order to get to the print option? What the heck does that even mean? I spent the last hour researching other note apps because I didn't think I could print my Evernote notes anymore. Lame. Thanks for wasting my time, developers.

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Horrible change. Why was it necessary to remove the share button? This creates multiple steps.

Having multiple issues with Evernote. On PC, Evernote has slowed and uses much more resources. 

Trying to find information on the help & learning site is nearly useless. 

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28 minutes ago, CVJ said:

I was searching for the past couple of days for the print feature. Where it is now is really odd.

See 2nd post above

Here's the link


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