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  1. Thanks - I appreciate it. I saw that I’m showing as Plus here but I’m showing Basic everywhere else and I wasn’t sure what the Support folks are seeing. Thanks again!
  2. I started a support ticket Ticket# 2674938 Since I’m not sure if EN will look at it due to my account being officially Basic, if any of the super users here can flag my post to have someone from EN to look at it I’d appreciate it!
  3. Same issue here... renewed my Plus subscription after letting it lapse a bit while I was watching the flurry of EN news and, although usually the account change has been immediately reflected in all of my apps, it hasn't updated yet. Angela1457, has yours been updated?
  4. I agree that this is a very dumb change. I spent a long time trying to find the print function this afternoon, finally giving up on it until reading this forum!
  5. Remember that time when Evernote decided to scale back to their core business and work on performance across all platforms? Me too. That was great. This app isn't. The camera is killing me. Not only the constant crashing but the poor auto mode that can't seem to find the borders of a document.
  6. I have noticed this too and came here to the forum to ask about it. For me, it's a welcome change, as the low quality audio notes always made them unusable for recording music ideas. The Mac App still has the low quality notes. I can see how for recording lectures the lower quality would be preferable. It would be nice to have a preference for quality of audio, similar to the way there's a preference for camera quality.
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