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Export Evernote notes as a inter-linked wiki

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Good day to every one.

It's been six years now since I use Evernote as my main knowledge database. I have many notes connected with internal Evernote links, on different subjects, so many of my notes are part of a nebulous wiki. However, I am a bit worried because all those notes are locked inside Evernote interface, they depend on Evernote app for navigating among them. I know I can make an export of them, but the resulting collection of notes is not navigable besides a general index, which is impractical:  internal links don't work between html version of the notes, they only drive back to the original evernote format notes. So I wonder if is there a way to exporting a working wiki / navigable set of notes out of evernote, in html format or any other format that would be readable out of Evernote...

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Hi.  The short - and depressing - answer is that there is no easy way to disentangle your linked wiki-notes into a web-based alternative.  Exporting to HTML would give you copies of all the note pages including links;  but those links would point back to the Evernote server-based original notes,  not your locally stored copy.  If you made any changes to a note it would be to that server original and not to your exported copy.  Having said that,  my strategy for 'converting' a database into a wiki would be to attack the problem over a long period - years if necessary.

I would choose a new platform for my notes,  and set up a basic structure so I have places to attach my exported data.  As and when I need to look up information I would create a new thread in my wiki,  copying notes from Evernote into new nodes on the wiki and deleting the originals.  Taking an 'agile' approach means you only convert what's necessary to your daily needs,  slowing things down initially but avoiding being committed to moving a large body of data in one operation.

I came from a Wiki background - specifically MediaWiki - which I used to run knowledge bases for tech support groups;  but I've converted to Evernote now - there are major feature differences,  but Evernote comes ready to run,  where Wikis take a lot of initial set-up.  Evernote is gradually catching up on the feature gap so I have no plans to move my 40k notes anytime soon...

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8 hours ago, paulsnakes said:

So I wonder if is there a way to exporting a working wiki / navigable set of notes out of evernote, in html format or any other format that would be readable out of Evernote...

My preparation for surviving the Evernote Apocalypse is an html export of my notes.

  • The notes are readable along with attachments.
  • As you pointed out, the note links will no longer navigable since they point back to Evernote.
    An example of the syntax is <a href="evernote:///view/nnnnnnn/s10/8b0c0d44-2fff-45d6-a002-24196e3b1e9e/8b0c0d44-2fff-45d6-a002-24196e3b1e9e/"Home Contents</a>
    is the note GUID

The evernote link isn't totally useless.
It provides information to search the database to find the note and fix the broken link.

If I know the syntax for the new wiki platform, I would change the destination evernote:///view/...
For example, as a simple file reference, the destination becomes file:///Users/....
This can be a manual operation or I could script it (Mac)


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