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  1. Good day to every one. It's been six years now since I use Evernote as my main knowledge database. I have many notes connected with internal Evernote links, on different subjects, so many of my notes are part of a nebulous wiki. However, I am a bit worried because all those notes are locked inside Evernote interface, they depend on Evernote app for navigating among them. I know I can make an export of them, but the resulting collection of notes is not navigable besides a general index, which is impractical: internal links don't work between html version of the notes, they only drive back to the original evernote format notes. So I wonder if is there a way to exporting a working wiki / navigable set of notes out of evernote, in html format or any other format that would be readable out of Evernote...
  2. Hi DTLow. thanks for your suggestion. I have just installed AppCleaner (Pro). I then launched it and wrote "evernote" in the search field of the app, to get all the content EN-related listed. But I was shocked when I saw the weight of it all: 36.5 GB! I looked at the desagregated list of items on the right window of the AppCleaner, and found that most of this weigth is divided between two folders: com.evernote.Evernote; within .../Library/Application Support (7,88 GB, that's what I expected the whole EN content to weight) and another folder: com.evernote.Evernote placed into Library/Containers that weights 28.4 GB!! (see "01 Screenshot..." attached image) I opened it in Finder and found it to be populated with the folders "Desktop", Documents, Downloads, Library, Movies, Music and Pictures; most of them (all but Documents and Library) in what seems to be direct access to those folders. (see "02 Screenshot..." attached image) Interestingly, when I checked the weight of this "Container" folder, I saw it only was 215 MB, and not the 28.4 GB AppCleaner indicated (see "03 Screenshot..." attached image) Now, I'd like to be sure I can safely grab the EN icon in the App Cleaner interface and Remove all the checked folders on the right... without deleting documents or files not belonging to EN.
  3. Hi gazumped, thanks for your reply. I have tried several times restarting my computer, but always encountered the same problem: after a whiles, Evernote got stuck and performed the "migrating notes" process. I then uninstalled Evernote and re-installed it (this time, I installed the evernote.com version of the app; and not the one distributed through the AppStore, just to make sure it was not a problem of this version). But I am encountering the same problem, and even another worse: now the app just closes down without preovious warning, I am just getting an error message. If I try to re-launch de app afterwards, the icon "jumps" on the dock, but the app doesn't open. I have to restart my computer to reopen it. This is making impossible to work with an app that I had as one of my main working tools. I am using the web version for now, but I'd like to have this problem fixed asap, since I am paying a premium subscription. Thanks for your help, Pablo
  4. Hi Since I have updated EN for Mac (through AppStore) time and again I got the message "migrating notes from previous version"; which takes some minutes of re-indexing notes... I don't understand this behaviour, how many times notes must migrate? Besides that, sometimes I can't launch EN desktop app: when I click on the app Icon on the Dock, the Icon "jumps" once, and then nothing happens. I'd like to hear if you are experiencing similar issues and how you fixed them Pablo
  5. +1 Me too, I am facing the same problems pointed above... I am getting out of space available on my laptop; and selective sync seems the only way I could keep using Evernote as a main productivity tool on a mid-term basis... Please, Evernote Team, whichever your roadmap is, get this thing done asap as it is becoming a critical issue for many of us! Thank you! Pablo
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