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Suggestions for E-Pens

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16 minutes ago, SVHOODS said:

Now if only EN would incorporate Penultimate or better with their own note taking feature - pretty please! ?

I've given up on Penultimate; it was never the best app, and it's been languishing on the sidelines.
I use the Notability app (Mac/Ipad)

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Evernote is not up to handwritten note taking. Penultimate sits dead in the water.

My personal solution is my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil (works with the latest standard iPad as well, so ask yourself if you need the power of the Pro for other purposes), and GoodNotes for the note taking. The Apple Pencil is the only stylus I ever tried that has no noticeable lag. It is like digital ink flowing right out of the tip.

What amazes me is that the handwriting OCR integrated into GN does make sense out of my scribbles - a task my wife gave up years ago 😉

The trick is done when the internal OCR & search function of GN grabs each handwritten word, converts it and saves several text strings of what it might be. So if searched it is likely the typed search string will be among those alternatives saved. The word found is highlighted, you do not see the multiple versions saved behind it to allow the Fuzzy search to work. It really is magic 🧙🏼‍♂️

Hint: GoodNotes just got the ver.5-release. They are still working out the bugs. As of now one can still purchase GN4 on the AppStore and upgrade to GN5 later when the new version will run smoothly. What I really like in GN5 is the search option including all notebooks at once. In GN4 search was only done within a specific notebook, not globally.

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