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Lagging on autosave/cannot disable autosave

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Whenever I'm typing something in the new note, every 5-10 seconds it updates into the previews in the main window, and that makes the note hang for a few milliseconds which is very frustrating. Auto save\save interval was disabled in options menu, turning it on/off did nothing. I even found a registry value (it was set to 120, same as I set it in settings) and set it to 0, which, once again, did not change that annoying behavior. Any tips would be appreciated. (306921), Windows 10 x64

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On 2/17/2022 at 4:12 PM, BruceK said:

Would also like option to autosave less frequently for Mac Desktop ….

This subforum is dedicated to the  Legacy Windows Client.

You are posting about the Mac, and likely the new v10 client.

Your request is legitimate, but you picked the wrong place.

Use the correct subforum, and if necessary open your own thread.

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