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  1. Major Major

    Issue with copy paste from evernote to word

    No need to double-post. We heard you the first time.
  2. Major Major

    Evernote on second screen

    Thank you.
  3. Major Major

    Evernote on second screen

    Gazumped - I'd like to understand this. In step one, what icon is being referred to?
  4. Major Major

    Select multiple notes -- how (in Windows)?

    Odd - it works for me.
  5. Major Major


    I've always used control-X for that. But I see Shift-Delete works in Word. Never knew that.
  6. You're lucky. On my machine, it's a tiny white elephant in the taskbar. If you didn't know what it was, you'd never figure it out.
  7. Major Major

    Add Change or revert font function to Evernote

    Same menu item available in the Windows client.
  8. Major Major

    How to change the auto-title feature?

    Just guessing here, but maybe not having a title would cause the program problems, and some people might forget to add one, hence the default?
  9. Major Major

    Evernote Windows Release Notes - Super!

    Ya can't please everyone. ?
  10. Major Major

    Make text file attachments appear as icon?

    Well, I just tried it again and it worked. Go figure. Anyway, thanks.
  11. Major Major

    Make text file attachments appear as icon?

    Thanks. Didn't work for me on Windows 7, though.
  12. Major Major

    Is there any way to fullscreen Evernote?

    Gokulk- I do not see that option.
  13. So entering a password is no good for you but entering a passcode is dandy? I don't get it.
  14. Major Major

    Backspace key ignores leading spaces

    You don't like the double New Note? Customize your toolbar to eliminate it. Not too hard.