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Note highlighting flashing on sync (ie: constantly)

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I use Evernote every day, and there's a feature/glitch in the new laptop app design that's killing me.  When you're working in a note, the note highlights light gray.  But when it syncs to the cloud, it flickers to white and then back to gray.  Which it's doing constantly when you type.  So when you're actually typing in notes, right next to where you're working, there's essentially a boxing flashing back and forth between colors. It's IMMENSELY distracting.  In fact, I've already temporarily switched over the web app because I can't stand it, but I much prefer to use my local app.  Can we please get this fixed ASAP?

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Been a member since 2011. This is the first time I've ever posted in the forum. Love Evernote, but this note flashing during sync is -- as so well described above -- "IMMENSELY distracting." I've been able to bear with previous glitches until solved, but this one is too much. Please address this issue so we can focus on our work, not the flickering. Thanks!

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+1 I also find this flashing really really really annoying! 

These and the glitches when you use Evernote in the background with mission control are the most annoying things I've seen in Evernote. I hope also that they are able to fix both of those bugs soon. 

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On 2018-02-27 at 11:53 AM, cll321 said:

But when it syncs to the cloud, it flickers to white and then back to gray.  Which it's doing constantly when you type.

We used to be able to control the sync interval or turn off syncing.

How about if you disable your internet connection and work offline.  Are you still seeing the flashing?

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this is indeed very annoying. I love evernote so far. But who created this feature is simply....stupid. 


One way to avoid seeing the flashing during editing is to Double Click the note to open up a new window, and close the main window. 

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Yes - could not agree with everyone on this thread. I have loved Evernote and have been a long time user (8+ years). But this is by far the most annoying and worst experience I have ever had with Evernote. I signed up for the first time just to add to this thread. Please please PLEASE fix this. The intent of the flash may be perhaps to indicate to the user that the note has synced and auto-saved to the server. But who cares?? We expect Evernote to do this seamlessly. That should be the beauty of it. By making the view flash, you are hurting the user's experience to stay engaged on the note. I have been using the web version for weeks and am now contemplating to switching because of this nuisance!

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At least with the PC version I noticed that it doesn't affect all notes. It seems that older notes are affected, not new ones. 

I could get rid of this flickering by selecting and copying all content, creating a new note and pasting the content. No idea if this works as general workaround...

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