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  1. Hello Sorry if this has already been posted. I'd like to see an option to disable the feature that causes "pinch" and "expand fingers" to zoom in/out of a document, de facto changing the text font size. I never intend to do this, and it's always super fiddly to get back to the desired zoom level Thanks for your consideration
  2. Hello I have the same issue with Work Chat, and can't do the "Windows" trick to copy a note shared in Work Chat to any other Notebook. Has anybody managed to do this on Mac? (OS 10.11.4, Evernote 6.10)? Thanks for your help!
  3. Yeah I am facing the same problem too. I was looking for the light instead of regular typeface. Any way to fix this? This is a known bug. It is not currently possible to set your default font to a variant of a font (Light, Bold, Italic, etc...). hello. 18 months later this bug still hasn't been addressed! is it in your backlog? how low? thanks
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