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  1. Facepalm. For some reason, I was thinking this was for the newest beta, I was wanting to try it out.
  2. Screenshot attached. Inspecting both versions shows that they are both 7.14
  3. I downloaded and tried to run this, and I'm being told the version is too old. Do I need to uninstall the standard install of Evernote first?
  4. I don’t want to copy text with “rich” formatting. Evernote does have a plain text formatting for notes, and always has, since I’ve started using the product in 2011. As I originally posted: On Evernote iOS When, in Evernote Settings > Notes > Advanced Editing; if any of the options are turned on, such as Lists Changing a note to Plain Text The expected behavior is that typing a hyphen and a space is that it would no longer create a bulleted list, which is a rich text formatting option I don’t care about exporting true plain text etc etc. I only care about writing in plain text in certain cases. I don’t want to go into settings and turn off the very helpful, markdown-style advanced editing functions every time I need to write a plain text document.
  5. This screenshot says differently – that Evernote does indeed have a Plain Text mode.
  6. I don't think this is a helpful response. I know that Evernote team members view these forums, and if multiple people have a problem, or report unexpected behavior, they will prioritize and fix. Either upvote or move on, but don't give me unhelpful workarounds. Evernote has plain text options built in; whether or not they are truly .txt output is beside the point. The point is that helpful auto-formatting options shouldn't continue to create rich text formatting once in plain text mode.
  7. When simplifying formatting and changing a note to plain text, my expectation of behavior would be that the advanced editing functions such as auto-creation of lists would not continue to happen. My experience is that while in plain text mode, the auto formatting options still happen. It would be nice if I didn't have to manually disable these when working on plain text notes.
  8. I'd love to see some kind of Grammarly integration that's more like a product collaboration – offer it as part of my subscription, in all apps, and as a discounted price. This would motivate me to upgrade from my older pricing that I've been unwilling to switch away from for the past 5 years.
  9. Actually, not that uncommon for people either using an external monitor, or those using iMacs etc and an extended keyboard. I was here looking for a fast way to scroll back to the top of the list of notes from a shortcut in a notebook that may have hundreds of newer notes in it and the Home key does the trick; however, I do wish I could double-click "Notes" and have it scroll to the top.
  10. I'm also having this problem, and it's indeed some kind of hit area problem with context. Tapping in the bottom area of the note is opening context related content even if it's not visible. I came in here looking to see if it's been reported. Thanks.
  11. Honestly I don't see how this is a slippery slope. It's a matter of Product Management and feature planning as noted (basic calculations first, advanced calculations later); finding out what features users want and need and adding them. Evernote isn't an advanced spreadsheet application, so how they design the UX would be more about an approach that's focused on simplicity IMO. If you really need an advanced Sheet, why don't you link a Google Sheet in your Note and open it in an app that's made for it? What I'd like to see is the nice Google doc link formatting that's in Desktop on mobile…
  12. I would love to have the ability to easily type in the font size I want (instead of a preset dropdown of sizes), and have some headings that I can use and update. Would be fantastic to have a basic set of even H1–H3 (honestly who really needs H4–H6 ?) and Paragraph settings. Or just Markdown ?
  13. @DTLow Yes, and that's a very personal request. However, there are lots of standard/standardizable variables that could be added into Templates that could be really useful beyond dates.
  14. It would be great to be able to add variables or smart info to templates. For example, a daily to-do list that copies over all incomplete to-do's from the day before, but none of the completed to-do's. Or maybe I can put something like {DATE}—{DAY} in the title and it will put today's date and the day of the week separated by an em dash as the title of the note.
  15. I think the forums are monitored, but mostly on the release announcements. I've been having a lot of editing problems since the most recent update(s), this one being one of the worst.
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