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  1. At least with the PC version I noticed that it doesn't affect all notes. It seems that older notes are affected, not new ones. I could get rid of this flickering by selecting and copying all content, creating a new note and pasting the content. No idea if this works as general workaround...
  2. Thank you for the spam posting - it gave me the opportunity to check, if my original claim is still correct (see the links). And I see: evernote improved the notes layout on websites a lot! I am happy to see that it's kind of usable now :-)
  3. Hello, I clip a web page with the web clipper and share the link of the resulting note. Though the note looks acceptable in my note view (both in my desktop application and in Evernote Web) it becomes redicilously narrow when I use the shared link, so that it' hardly usable. To see what I mean, this is the original page: https://migrationology.com/25-things-to-do-in-delhi-india/ And this is what evernote makes of it: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s265/sh/a078aee1-308c-4897-bae8-c5d71fc58fde/2b62cb3d799bf62a For comparison, here is a screenshot of the desktop application: http://imgur.com/a/ixn10 Is there a reason for this strange behaviour, or is it just a bug? (And I am sure that this topic has been covered before, but I don't find anything appropriate...) Thanks, Thorsten
  4. Maybe someone is able to provide a (non-activated) VM with Windows and Evernote running which has this problem? Then someone at Evernote could look directly... I have the same problem with my office PC, but not with my home PC (both of them are running Windows 7 and the latest version of EN).
  5. This is no virus, that is a functionality of the web clipper which you can switch of in its options.
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