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"Full screen mode" on Chromebook Plus/Android Evernote

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Hi there,

I'm running Evernote android on my Chromebook Plus and I've noticed that even when I have the app expanded I'm not able to edit my notes unless I hit that obnoxious "edit" button, is there a way to negate that? And then, when I do hit edit, I'm not able to view my full app layout, it's just a giant version of my note alone. I can select "exit full screen" or some such verbiage but then I'm back to my first problem - I have to hit edit to type!

I'm hoping there's an actual solution to this so I can keep using Evernote because beside this it's quite my favorite.

Thank you so much.

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Hi.  I don't use a Chromebook so I don't really understand the issue - any chance you could post a screen shot or two?  I don't see forinstance why you need to view the full layout when you're trying to edit a note...

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I agree with everhelpless that the Chromebook View is terrible. 

Once you're in a note you can't see anything other than that single note. It takes up the entire screen. You can't see or access other notes easily. Can't we just get the same interface across OSs? As far as I can tell there's not even an option to change text color to red for later deletion.

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