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  1. I agree with everhelpless that the Chromebook View is terrible. Once you're in a note you can't see anything other than that single note. It takes up the entire screen. You can't see or access other notes easily. Can't we just get the same interface across OSs? As far as I can tell there's not even an option to change text color to red for later deletion.
  2. The problem carries over from the Windows app. I have different sized lines of text in my groceries note (because it was screwed up on Windows) that appear in my Android app.
  3. Basic is still free for two devices. I had been and still require three. I ponied up the cash unlike many others who jumped ship. One year later and I still can't even get basic functions like fonts to work properly. This particular error was reported 6 weeks ago and it seems no one gives a damn since there hasn't been any kind of response from anyone official. Not even a "we're working on it."
  4. I agree. One year ago they broke the application to force free customers to pay. At the time they promised great new features. Haven't seen any great new features. The greatest feature would be finally getting fonts to work. Font problems have been an issue forever. This is just a new variation. It's really pathetic.
  5. Screenshot. Problem starts at line 5 "I'm armed... You can see the font size has changed, but the toolbar still shows the size 11 I've told the system to use. Selecting all text and telling Evernote to use size 11 corrects the problem with any existing text, but doesn't fix the issue.
  6. So my issue is a little different then. My toolbar states the correct size, but the font is not sticking to that size. Even if I click in text that's the wrong size, Evernote tells me it's size 11. If I then select all and change the font size to 11, it magically bumps up to the correct size.
  7. Having the same problem on Set my default font to Calibri, size 11, about 10 days ago. For the first week the font window insisted on showing Segoe Size 10. I finally managed to trick it into show the correct information in the menu bar. When I'm typing, the system will randomly revert to size 10 in the middle of a line or sentence. It's obvious the font size has changed, but the system still shows size 11 in the menu bar. I have to select all text and manually select 11 and the text in the wrong size will switch back. A few minutes later I have to repeat the process.
  8. I am with you. Pay for something good, but there is a level at which you bail out.

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