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Feature Request - "always use for this notebook" sorting on Mac



I switched from PC to Mac recently, and a I can no longer find a much needed feature - the ability to sort with "always use for this notebook," which allows you to set a sort setting individually by notebook. Don't understand why a key function like this would be excluded from Mac.

Feature Request!!

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This is driving me nuts right now. Are you telling me this is available on Windows!? It's not in Mac or the web app that I can find. I might just switch over to my Surface for this feature alone. 

In my case, I mostly want to sort by "updated", but I have some notebooks where I use numbering in the titles to sort by "alphabetical" (since custom sorting also isn't available). 

In those cases where I need the controlled sorting, it's critical for communicating with my collaborators and I really need that to stick. Everywhere else, it's a nuisance. 

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Saved sort sequence is a Windows feature that hasn't yet made it to the Mac platform.

I'm sure it's coming; in the meantime, I use a script for my saved searches with sort settings.

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