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This product is dead, it doesnt compete and should be integrated into EN

Randen Montalvo


I have been long user of this product, however its dated offers no benefit compared to other apps ; it has fallen so behind its almost useless. No annotation no advancements in Apple Pencil support, its just time EN cans this and works on bettering the Apple Pencil support in EN because its in DIRE need of a update. Continuous page writing , lined and ruled notebooks for writing and this maddening thing where your writing Ts or anything straight and it automatically creates a straight line. 


Evernote listen to your users its time to FIX ENs Apple Pencil support, as of right now your better off using Notability. 

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24 minutes ago, Randen Montalvo said:

your better off using Notability. 

I agree; Notability is my favorite writing app for the iPad.  I also like GoodNotes with its ocr feature

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