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  1. I agree I left one note for Evernote and would never turn back. But Evernote isn’t updating the features we want to enhance it, if they don’t address their core audience the new Notions of the world will answer.
  2. I have this exact issue, not only that new work chats don’t even show up in your notification alerts like text messages or any other message app. Evernote is really testing our business account patience with how their managing basic features. Instead of a new logo font how about fix these issues that paid users are experiencing and add more features we have been asking for to be a competitive product for years. Evernote’s slow relative response towards updating its client is really trying a lot of people’s patience with looking at other services who seemingly update their app in the same
  3. For the love of the elephant, when my team makes changes in any shared space or folder can there be a setting to receive a immediate notification of X user has changed added something in Y just like a in app notification in Notification Center. It’s incredibly frustrating that I have to check dashboard constantly to review changes when I would like a option to simply get updated via a notification so that you can go about the rest of the day.
  4. Evernote seriously this post has all you need to update in spaces.
  5. Seriously this sums up what we want to see improved also, workchat needs to be visible I’m tired of clicking into a diff section of work chat I need it to show up either minimized all the time and a log of changes etc.
  6. Guys Evernote gave up on Penultimate, check the update dates. The thing is dated outclassed by every other apple pencil application. Sadly they just don't seem to care about thats why it hasn't ben updated with features the community wants. I say abandon it and include the entire feature set into EN since penultimate by itself is just like using a a 5 year old piece of software with one good thing about it which is EN sync.
  7. The most annoying thing is having to log into another account. Evernote, its extremely cumbersome to literally have to TOGGLE accounts and separate your personal and business when its just a space. I run a sales team and i had to ditch spaces because it doesnt seem to be designed for outbound sharing, it requires me to segregate my Evernote Pre Account content and it requires other users a Per sub account which not Everyone is willing to give up and deal with TOGGLING. Fix this madness, i can never understand why one would have to go back and forth to segment their content instead of just havi
  8. I would love a strike through behavior for IOS on the ipad pros, i find it dubious that when check off a TODO list no strike through nor the task erases.
  9. Do yourself a favorite and use Notability. Penultimate is not being serviced by Evernote anymore.
  10. Spaces has a huge problem, its inability to cater to sales teams with sharing proposals outside of spaces etc. The per user cost is also a dead end, and the oddity of having to literally log out/in your premium account to access spaces to me is just a very convoluted process. Spaces should be a collaborative space that can be used to run a team operation in a unlocked "space" in EN not be so sectioned off into literally another log in. I think they missed the boat on what people wanted. Unless your business doesn't reach out to anyone but those in spaces, kinda seems too introverted.
  11. The bigger issue i have with it is non-sharing and the limitation of having to log back in/out of my premium account. This seems designed for a team that doesn't deal with the public in any form or fashion.
  12. I will say this in terms fo Evernote not addressing its user base, i reported the Apple Watch issue months ago when watch OS was updated and they told me they know its broken. That was months ago...they release updates improving font yet dont really care to address MULTIPLE issues with stability of their services. They just dont care dude.
  13. Sadly i have been a premium subscriber for years, EN used to be very proactive with its users. I have noticed in the years they have lost touch with their user...they used to innovate like work chat and adding new features etc, now they take immense time responding to what their users want and are soley focused on monetization with enterprise and business leaving a 1) BROKEN APPLE WATCH APP THAT DOESNT EVEN REPLAY ITS OWN VOICE RECORDINGS. 2) PENUTLIMATE BEING TOTALLY USELESS GETTING BLOWN OUT THE WATER FROM STOCK DEVICE APPS AND NOTABLITY ( PEOPLE HAVE BEEN YELLING FOR ANNOTATION
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