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(Archived) Feature Request: Make Filenames searchable

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You can do this manually if you use the "fileName:" search term:


will find all notes that contain an attachment with a file name that starts with "Quest"


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Okay, i did not know that search term. Thanks for the tip this does the job for me but wouldnt it be better to include it in the standard search? Maybe you can add a option to search filenames too or something like that as i would really like the standard search to find both: notes with and without files.

However, thanks for your answer

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Filenames should be considered as important metadata by EN. I really don't understand why EN developers are keeping all informations about the files hidden deep in the system. For PDF, the filename is not even visible !

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There is hope : viewtopic.php?f=56&t=19366&p=80218&hilit=pdf+name#p80218

Looking at version 4, I feel Evernote developpers spend a lot of energy reprogramming interface and engine and no new real interesting features are added. I wonder how long development is going to remain like that... stagnent.

- Print possibilities are still very very basic

- No possibility to add share notebooks in the rich client.

- No possibility to show the exact page in a pdf matching a search.

- And of course no possibility to change the file name of a file attached to a note.

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valentin wrote:

I wonder how long development is going to remain like that... stagnent.

Wow! That comment opened my eyes.

Yes, Evernote is severely lacking some fundamental basic skills. No ability for customers to add more fields to the database. No ability to rearrange fields on the display screen. And no zoom capability for the teeny tiny mobile screens. No built in email history capability. No photolayering PhotoShop abilities.

Yup, you nailed it. a stagnant company.


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I don't say going from ".NET" (3.5) to native (4.0) was not a needed move. It was.

But Evernote made a wrong choice choosing ".NET" for version 3.5 and lost time in the development on the Windows platform. You cannot change the interface each year without adding new serious features, one day it has to stop. Some people are still using version 3.1 because features were removed from 3.1 to 3.5 ! Presonnally I keep observing EN but I am not using it for the lack of support of pdf filenames viewing/editing.

Yes, many people are using Evernote, but is it for the features aspect ? No, it is for the cloud aspect.

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With regards to the Windows clients, I think that it was pretty well understood during the version 4 beta process that addition of new features would mostly wait until after they got to parity with the 3.5 feature set (they did add some new ones, e.g. Print options). They are pretty close to that now, and now that it's pretty stable (though there are still bugs) I'm thinking that we'll see an increased focus on adding more new features, like the stacked notebooks that have appeared in the Mac 2 alpha, support for shared notebooks, maybe even note linking? On another front, I think we'll see more incremental type improvements to the various note formatting and editing glitches that are still with us.

Moving past the 3.5 platform was important; a total rewrite isn't always the best answer (see Joel Spolsky -- Things You Should Never Do, Part 1), but it happened, and they're moving on, albeit with some growing pains, I think. But getting to a stable platform was essential for moving ahead with the new features that they want to roll out.

To me, Evernote has hit a kind of sweet spot with its mix of features and near-ubiquity/cloud-iness. The cloud aspect is great, sure, but it has enough features that make it appealing to me, too (and I guess others). Could it be better? You bet -- there are lots of things that aren't working just exactly perfectly now and must be addressed, but I think we'll see more of that now that they feel that version 4 is stable enough to build on.


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You can do this manually if you use the "fileName:" search term:


will find all notes that contain an attachment with a file name that starts with "Quest"

Sounds good and works good.


How do i search for something like "YouNeverKnowBecauseYouWillForgetEverything.doc"

if i do not know the case of the filename?

fileName:*Forget* does not work.

but fileName:"*orget*" does work.

is there a more convenient way than the above, or something like fileName:you* and after that fileName:You* ?

some kind of parameter which tells EN to search CaseInSensitive?

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