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  1. Hello everybody, just wanted to share a temporary solution to the problem with the newest Evernote Webclipper not working under (at least) Ubuntu 10.04+ Solution: - disable the compatibility check, either google for the about:config hack, or use this add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/checkcompatibility/ - After installing, head over to the evernote addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/versions/ Click on 'Add to Firefox' and confirm. Version Install restart and you're done! Finally working Evernote Clipper again! At least for me much better than nothing, so I wanted to share this to all other Linux/Ubuntu users
  2. Hello, I have a HTC Desire with Froyo and recently i installed ENShortcuts. And I think that the EN developers should really take a close look at things ENShortcuts does better: - Better caching of Notes list In the native EN list it really takes a bunch of time when loading the all notes list. In ENShortcuts the list is cached and notes can be selected while the list checks for updates in the background - Better viewer for notes when on slow network: The native EN app first loads the whole note. If the note contains text and a big pdf, EN first loads text AND pdf before displaying ENShortcuts loads the text, displays it and loads the pdf in the background. Why cant we have these features in the native app? Maybe you guys should team up with this developer... Besides the features above i think it would be great to integrate the shortcut option into evernote, just like ENShortcuts does. I dont want to complain too much but we android users suffer under a really big lack of updates, improvements etc. I know u guys are working on it so take this as a good advise from a Evernote lover! If u want to get ENShortcuts: Market:market://search?q=pname:jp.g1985karaoke.enShortcut
  3. I know, but as mentioned, shortcuts would be a good addition. For exampe if you do not have have enough space for the whole evernote widget or you do net need the whope row, you can only add a shortcut to text note for example, taking up only 1x1 and not 1x4... And the widget does not allow to directly jump into a search... wouldnt it be cool to jave a shortcut launching evernote with search term tag:bookmark so you always have them at your hand?
  4. Would be very cool if you could open evernote with shortcuts, e.g. Shortcut to List: Create shortcut with custom search string - for example shortcut with Search for tag:bookmark opens up my bookmarks list... Shortcut to Action: Create Shortcut to create a new (Audio, Snapshot, Text, File)note. Similar to the widget buttons but shortcuts can be moved and added freely. Regards
  5. I have a special wish: Could you please disable the automatic download of attached files? Example: Step 1:I have an article clipped from the web Step 2:At the bottom i add for example a big pdf or a video Step 3:I want to read the article on my Android Smartphone, but before i can do this the app needs to download the attached video(pdf)... Very annoying if you are not in 3g coverage... Idea: Only load the texts, images etc plus create an icon for the attached file, so we can download it by clicking on it. Would be a great enchancement... Again thanks for the great new Evernote 1.5! - love it
  6. Okay, i did not know that search term. Thanks for the tip this does the job for me but wouldnt it be better to include it in the standard search? Maybe you can add a option to search filenames too or something like that as i would really like the standard search to find both: notes with and without files. However, thanks for your answer
  7. I found a thing i really start to miss: The search can not find attached files by their names. Would be very good to add this to the search function!
  8. +1 for fixing this Another way to force the resync of notes is to delete the "Evernote" folder on your sdcard. Simply use a file manager like "Linda File Manager", delete the folder, open Evernote and go to notes.
  9. Hello, I recently discovered one big feature that is missing. I am speaking of the ability to simply copy text or images from notes. I know that notes created by the desktop client etc can atm not be edited but i really miss copy & paste...
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