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Scanable Not Saving Contact Data

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A few weeks back my scanable app, running on an IPhone7+ on IOS 11.0.3 decided to stop saving contact details to my iphone when requested.  It will scan a card, pull in the Linked-In data and then try and save contact, but not complete the process.  No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling the app appears to correct this.  The app has the relevant permissions and worked fine for several years.  However now Save Contact gets pressed and nothing ever gets saved, largely defeating the purpose of scanning.   Has anyone had this happen and any ideas on how to fix this?  I'm not seeing other people reporting it, which is concerning!  Thanks. 


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Yes, in my case it was because my Iphone had been accidentally set to saving contacts to Outlook instead of to Icloud after I had installed the Outlook Iphone app.  Once I put the default contact location back to Icloud then Scanable started saving again normally.  There was some inability to save to the Outlook contact list from the Scanable app.  This or something similar may be your issue.  Thanks.   

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I just downloaded Scannable, primarily to scan business cards and save them to my contacts. The scan and OCR works pretty well, but when I click on the card, then click on "Save Contact", it typically doesn't work. I have to tap multiple times for it to work, if it ever works at all. I even have trouble clicking on the X in the upper left corner to exit the scanned data. I am using an iPad mini4 with iOS 11.2.5. 

I am using Scannable to scan cards to update my contacts, so I can bring them into Cloze for Contact Management. To bad I can't find a decently priced system to do everything in one package.

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Same here. I looked at a tutorial and when scanning a business card, the contact is supposed to come automatically. But mine reads 'scannable document', not the name of the contact. Evernote, hello?

Warmest, Lotta

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They should reduce the price and give partial refunds to people..
This is absurd.

1. scanning business cards does not work properly in Evernote ios. The name disappears on save.. but it searchable... That makes 0% sense to people with a brain.
2. notes should be titles the names and business name of the card...or whatever the person wants to use.  For $8 a month, you guys really need to step up your game ALOT.
I feel this app should be $2 a month in current state for the $8/month plan... due to the gaping bugs up to and including the bug that FORCED  me to open the database file in special tools to extract the data that would not render rpoperly due to backend code cleanup that is horrendous at its' purpose!

..honestly, I'm rather appauled that this company feels they are "proper". Too many issues.. and major SIMPLE features, broken.. for years!!!!

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Hi again! I have the same issue. I am now using EN premium and I realized that with this membership, EN offers a business scanning function that does exactly this. Sorry if this does not help those who do not have a premium account. But I just saw that you can get this function for free for a year if you link your LinkedIn account and EV - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005777

This function, scanning and then picking up LinkedIn information automatically is fantastic. 

Cheers, Lotta

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I have struggled with this for months.   Scanning in Business Cards with Scannable is great ... when it works.  

Just went through a stack of 11 business cards.  5 worked great... Contacts were saved to my Contacts app as well as to Evernote.

However, 6 would only save to Evernote... and would not save to my contacts, either Automatically (as the 5 did) ...or manually, no matter how many times I selected SAVE CONTACT.

After reading some of the comments above, I decided to try a few things and happened upon a work around.  If I first log out of LinkedIn... then scan the card... all 6 of the problem cards automatically saved to my phone's Contacts app... just like the 5 that worked before.

Additionally, after getting the Contact Saved message, you can  select the suggestion to  "log in to Facebook..."  and then Update Existing Contact.   Unfortunately, you will have to log back out of Linked In order to scan in the next problem card... if you want it to save to Contacts.


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Maybe these problems are related to the break up of the cooperation with LinkedIn. About this there was an official information just recently.

The business card scanning remains an EN function, it will just not link any more with LinkedIn. So maybe quitting this account relation in EN will solve the issue.

Can't test it, because I never activated it.

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