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  1. IDK, it's at a rather remedial-level to expect $8 a month. ..plus so many bugs that I don't trust it with certain data. Business Card feature doesn't work on ios(tested a few days ago). The backend code cleanup on the windows app, that <hr/> header-line-breaks fail to render and this is easy to make happen, but impossible to revert and then add another.. so entire notes need rebuilding to get hr's properly placed..UGH! Then the same issue can cause tables to not render in the note panel. the sorting of notes = broken until exit->restart.. .. I'm getting a headache thinking about all that is just delivered broken to users ...yet you guys are thinking a "tier" is the problem. LOL.
  2. April 2018, still an issue.. How much money does this company make ? ..and simple things are just fuxxored so badly ? .. :/ .."ugh". ..#UGH
  3. 'has anyone mentioned the HORRENDOUS backend code cleanup that allows "< hr/ >" (divider lines) and table to not render at all ?!! Please, hire me or someone else in this thread to fix Evernote. We know you have the money. ..and a better EN means more money for you..
  4. CalS, the notion is a concept that there needs to be more than what they assume all people need. It's a drastic number as so they can ask themselves why so many ? and hopefully realize that they do too little in all apsects of work. Provide better, shapeable code and features. That's all....instead of this soccer mom stuff. 'these devs create hard set functional-based programming that only does as they feel is correct. No idea what is so difficult about managing data lines, and handling html. I should just seek funding, to create a better solution than all there is.. ..and then you would see what I mean. 'As Evernote is a niche box in a dynamic container world.
  5. They should reduce the price and give partial refunds to people.. This is absurd. 1. scanning business cards does not work properly in Evernote ios. The name disappears on save.. but it searchable... That makes 0% sense to people with a brain. 2. notes should be titles the names and business name of the card...or whatever the person wants to use. For $8 a month, you guys really need to step up your game ALOT. I feel this app should be $2 a month in current state for the $8/month plan... due to the gaping bugs up to and including the bug that FORCED me to open the database file in special tools to extract the data that would not render rpoperly due to backend code cleanup that is horrendous at its' purpose! ..honestly, I'm rather appauled that this company feels they are "proper". Too many issues.. and major SIMPLE features, broken.. for years!!!!
  6. I scan business cards, on ios.. 'the name shows, all data is correct. Thwen I save the card..and the name disappears. The note is labled "business card". I ask genuinely, why is this a "premium priced app" since it behaves like open source college projects ? 1. name goes to note title with business name if avail. These should be reversible. John Smith, Teacher Inc. or Teach Inc., John Smith or Smith, John, Teach Inc. ... I am not sure what is so difficult about this.. I know you guys have alot of other issues like Tables being set to not render due to bad backend clode cleanup... or <hr/>'s that break the page rendering too.. .. honestly, this is not rocket science. I should think a half-competent person could fix all of these issues inside of 2 months WITH learning curve, for all plats. // FRUSTRATED . forgive me.. but this is teeth wrenching stuff since it is so gawd-awfully simple... Business card OCR -> Name -> note title. ****DONE****
  7. In a respectful manner, I must ask how the 'reminder per note' in basic form, is not a feature yet ? In my opinion, reminders should be at least 1 per note(free users) and virtual-unlimited reminders(<32) per note (paid users). This literally has me scratching my head as to why this is not already a feature.. isn't this meant for organization purposes(rhetorical) ? Imagine a table with stages of work.. reminder per row/column..etc .. Maybe Evernote would think about spending some of that Evernote money on contracting me to implement features that would make Evernote a certainty regarding; multiple-industry kingpin for a decade. #Literally. _ I would blow your minds. Let's talk. I've used Evernote for about 2 hours total now.. I have more than a dozen features noted/detailed, that are regularly required by power-users...and that's without actual thought power. - Subscription decisions would become a VERY EASY decision for all.. I am sure this will 'brush you guys the wrong way'.. as developers tend to let their ego come before their product's success. Just know that I write this post with alot of respect intended... normally I uninstall and forget something exists and then I write my own. .. but Evernote has a market share that just wants some extras.. Proverbially; I want to bring a convertible top and FM radio to your car. Thanks for at least reading this.
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