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Duplicate note should use current date as created date



I understand the need to disallow modification of Created Date in a note (though this was available in Windows version for awhile). 

When I Duplicate a note, the Created Date stays the same. Doesn't this go against the notion of data preservation? I guess I can see an argument for either way. 

Regardless, I'm looking for a way to duplicate a note which I use as a template. I need the created date so show the current date, not the date the template was created. 

Yes, I can always sort by modified date. But I want to be able to sort by created date. 

Is this possible/in the future?


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40 minutes ago, kennethmgreen said:

I'm looking for a way to duplicate a note which I use as a template. I need the created date so show the current date, not the date the template was created. 

Resetting the Created Date makes sense for templates; the original Created Date is meaningless.

I’d be looking at an alternate process to duplicate the template.  I’m a Mac user and don’t have Android experience; on my iPad, I can email the template to my Evernote address

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Duplicate does mean "exactly like",  so I guess the Android command does exactly what it says,  though I agree it probably makes more sense in most cases to reset the created date.  Paying account holders can send notes by email,  and text expanders like Phrase Express could create a new note from a pre-set layout,  pausing (I think) for user input where necessary.  (PE will certainly do that on desktop,  not sure whether the mobile version is as capable.)

Windows users can still edit the created date,  and last I looked,  there were options to keep or create new tags / dates etc in a copy note.  Evernote's mobile apps haven't (yet) added the ability to change dates.  Evernote might consider this for the future,  or might agree to reset the created date on 'duplication'.  The company very rarely comments on when or whether they'll introduce new bells and whistles though,  so work-arounds will be necessary for a while...

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Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten how helpful the Evernote community was. Been a Windows user for a very long time, last couple of years been 90% Android and web user (work computer does not allow Evernote install). I miss only a few things - merging notes is one, and now the created date issue I just posted. I'm in love with my new Chromebook and want to use Evernote web and Android versions 100% of the time if possible.

A workaround I can probably live with is just copying and pasting from the template (keeps text formatting). It's another step, but hard to complain too much as I'm able to do so much in Evernote web these days.

Does anyone know if there is a matrix that Evernote or a technical user has created that shows the features/functionality differences across different Evernote platforms? 

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