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  1. Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten how helpful the Evernote community was. Been a Windows user for a very long time, last couple of years been 90% Android and web user (work computer does not allow Evernote install). I miss only a few things - merging notes is one, and now the created date issue I just posted. I'm in love with my new Chromebook and want to use Evernote web and Android versions 100% of the time if possible. A workaround I can probably live with is just copying and pasting from the template (keeps text formatting). It's another step, but hard to complain too much as I'm able to do so much in Evernote web these days. Does anyone know if there is a matrix that Evernote or a technical user has created that shows the features/functionality differences across different Evernote platforms?
  2. I understand the need to disallow modification of Created Date in a note (though this was available in Windows version for awhile). When I Duplicate a note, the Created Date stays the same. Doesn't this go against the notion of data preservation? I guess I can see an argument for either way. Regardless, I'm looking for a way to duplicate a note which I use as a template. I need the created date so show the current date, not the date the template was created. Yes, I can always sort by modified date. But I want to be able to sort by created date. Is this possible/in the future? Thanks.
  3. I am curious about Context. It may be something I could use. But this behavior says it may not be ready for production. I've disabled Context for now. No way I'm going to deal with pop-up behavior like that. I may check it out again in the future. Hopefully this thread will be updated when it's fixed.
  4. I like this idea a lot. This would work well for me. I wonder how the idea of distinct tags would be implemented, though. Consider crispinb's scenario of multiple instances of "Chapter 1" or "Introduction" within parent containers.
  5. Ouch. Not sure what happened there. I "know" Daly (as much as you can know someone from reading their online postings) from other mailing lists/groups. I would describe him as helpful, intelligent, level-headed, even classy. This latest seems out of character. Believe me, I'm not one to shy from complaining/whining about the feature set I want. But to post on an external site that development of a product seems to have stopped because "your" features haven't been implemented/answered satisfactorily is out of line. It's one thing to express disappointment, criticism, etc. Quite another to imply a company's product is vaporware. Not cool.
  6. First off, I want to thank you for responding so patiently. I was concerned I came across snarkier than I intended. You and I agree on many points. Though we seem to have a different idea on what a clear answer means. I'd still argue (based on your response) that you had to *figure out* what Dave meant. My point was that if someone asks "Will you provide feature A?" Answering "We suggest using feature B, and here are reasons why feature B is awesome." - isn't really answering the original question. There are *implied* answers, of course. Hmmm... I can see this discussion veering off into semantic nit-picking. In response to your more recent post - I can imagine it gets tiresome to be told that feature B can do the same as feature A - when A and B are really different ways of thinking about things. Your example of "Chapter 1" or "Introduction" was great. Though I was one who originally asked for subnotebooks, I realized that *for me* I could probably get by with a true hierarchical tag system. I understand the different between tags and notebooks, but am willing to adopt one method (provided it gets implemented fully). Subnotebooks != tags, even with inheritance. But for many, that inheritance would go a long way. Great suggestions. I promise to send cookies to the Evernote office if these features get implemented in 2009. And to you as well, provided you are in the U.S. (not American snobbery - just don't want to send perishables internationally)
  7. Really? You think the response to subnotebooks has been pretty clear? The closest thing to a clear "no" that I saw was in this post: I have pretty much assumed subnotebooks aren't going to happen. And as I've posted before I can deal with that provided tag hierarchies actually work like real hierarchies. But I think claiming that Dave's post - or the "official word" from EN about this - has been "pretty clear" is far too generous. I am merely assuming that subnotebooks aren't happening, because it sounds like that is the case. I don't know for sure. Do you? Evernote is a great product that I don't regret paying for. And I understand that there is a fine line to walk when promising features to your customers (don't want to over-promise, raise unrealistic expectations, still want to meet customer needs). But I don't think the Evernote staff has even come close to that line. There are a few posts where Dave (I think) responds by basically saying "tags are the way to go" - which is fine. But I'm still waiting to see about tag hierarchy implementation - whether it will ever go beyond a simple visual organizational gimmick. Without tag inheritance of some kind, it just doesn't work for me. Sorry if I sound petulant. I'm tired of wishy-washy responses from software companies. I think the audience should be respected more. Tell us "No, we're not going in that direction" or "That's not going to happen in 2009." I think much of the frustration stems from not really knowing what the plans are. Too many people are asking the same questions. And that's just the audience that is participating on the forum. OK, I'll assume the direction of EN is tags and not subnotebooks. Can we get tag inheritance? Are there any plans for this? Can someone from Evernote please state whether this is being considered? On the horizon? A goal for 2009? I'm not asking for "we'll have tag inheritance completed, tested and released by Sept 2009." (but that would be pretty cool ) Apologies in advance if the official answer has already been posted. But I doubt it has. I subscribed to a lot of different threads on this forum that are all asking essentially 2 or 3 questions. I'm not seeing any official answers from Evernote in the posts. That gets old real fast. To their credit, the New Year's resolution e-mail was nice. That did provide some insight into EN development, and I appreciated that.
  8. Oh yeah, I know that tags won't solve every notebook/folder hierarchy problem. But having a true parent-child tag system (with inheritance) would go a long way. I think you were the first in that thread to remark that the concept of parent tags without inheritance rendered them pretty much useless. And I agree. From a UI perspective, I just don't agree with (or even understand) showing a user a collapsible parent-child relationship where the child is completely independent from the parent in all functional aspects. I think it's a design flaw. My opinion, of course.
  9. Thanks for this. It is a workaround, but does save some time. I really hope Evernote will come out with an "official" response for tag inheritance. I get the feeling that tag inheritance is more likely to happen than sub-notebooks, but what do I know? (my guess is that getting tags to match the display of parents is relatively simple - when a child tag is selected/checked, you could trigger the selection of the parent. After all the environment is already displaying them differently, so it "knows" one is a parent...) I am betting on tag inheritance. It's just gotta happen! I can live without sub-notebooks if tag inheritance were implemented. That's a big deal. I'm a folder structure guy! Seriously, if you read through the whole sub-notebook discussion, I honestly think that tag inheritance would solve many of the issues the "folder crowd" is bringing up. I know for me it would. And I would have considered myself a staunch supporter of sub-notebooks. Yes, it is a different way of thinking and approaching organization. But in the sub-notebook discussion, many of the responses from folks using tags were along the lines of "why not just use tags to achieve a similar effect?" Go back and read those responses, but imagine that tag inheritance was part of tags. Makes more sense, doesn't it?
  10. I am really disappointed. I recently paid for a Premium account. I love Evernote. I love how responsive they seem to be on this forum. But I just don't understand the implementation of tags. I've been learning Evernote, and saw this thread earlier this week. I didn't read through all the posts, but skimming some of the posts, I figured, a "folders guy," if I wanted to use Evernote I was going to have to switch to the tag paradigm. Not a huge deal (so I thought). I understand folders and tags are different ways to organize. But on some levels, folders and tags differ by semantics, style or preference. As I have been setting up Evernote for my use, I honestly thought parent tags would "contain" child tags - that is, child tags applied to a note would automatically include the parent tags they belong to. I didn't even consider the concept of parent tags would be used if they weren't really "parent" tags. To me, the whole point of *visually* creating parent tags was to implement the *functionality* of parent tags. OK. So now I've read this thread in its entirety. There are some well-articulated arguments for both styles of organization. Yes, I'd like to have Subnotebooks. I think the best use of Evernote for me will be a hierarchy of notebooks *and* a hierarchy of tags. Evernote seems to be pushing tags, at least for now. I can deal with a tags-centric approach. But at the every least, I need to have true parent tags (inheritance). Is this in the works?
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