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  1. Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten how helpful the Evernote community was. Been a Windows user for a very long time, last couple of years been 90% Android and web user (work computer does not allow Evernote install). I miss only a few things - merging notes is one, and now the created date issue I just posted. I'm in love with my new Chromebook and want to use Evernote web and Android versions 100% of the time if possible. A workaround I can probably live with is just copying and pasting from the template (keeps text formatting). It's another step, but hard to complain too much as I'
  2. I understand the need to disallow modification of Created Date in a note (though this was available in Windows version for awhile). When I Duplicate a note, the Created Date stays the same. Doesn't this go against the notion of data preservation? I guess I can see an argument for either way. Regardless, I'm looking for a way to duplicate a note which I use as a template. I need the created date so show the current date, not the date the template was created. Yes, I can always sort by modified date. But I want to be able to sort by created date. Is this possible/in the f
  3. I am curious about Context. It may be something I could use. But this behavior says it may not be ready for production. I've disabled Context for now. No way I'm going to deal with pop-up behavior like that. I may check it out again in the future. Hopefully this thread will be updated when it's fixed.
  4. In the Search Explanation panel, towards the top of the note list. It has a light bwon background -- if you're not seeing is, go to View / Show Search Explanation. There's a dropdown there that includes "All My Notes"; it's been in Evernote for some years now. Ha! I've looked right past that for years. So cool. Thank you. Happy for now - though I'd still prefer the ability to tag shared notes and/or exclude notebooks.
  5. No. In fact, I've requested improvements to the search grammar to allow searching the subset of your own notebooks, and joined notebooks (notebooks that are shared to you). Some Evernote clients, the Windows client, for one, allow searching only your own notebooks (select "All My Notes" from the Search Explanation dropdown, but it's not been implemented as of this time. You wrote "but it's not been implemented as of this time" - are you referring to seeing "All My Notes"? I assume that is the case, as I only see Search All Notes and Search Current Context in the Search dropdown on Windows. Ar
  6. This would be fine for me - in fact, I'd prefer to just exclude by tag so I could have a simply saved search that excluded multiple notebooks (where all items across multiple notebook could be tagged). BUT... the inability to tag Shared notebooks prevents this. So, while I can understand that Evernote design is to not allow negation of notebooks in search, the combination of the inability to tag shared notebooks means I cannot escape searching shared notebook. Has anyone found a workaround for this? (besides removing shared notebooks) Thanks.
  7. I just took pictures using the Page Camera and also experienced the black image issue. I don't know if this additional info will help, but hopefully more specific data points will help Evernote devs pinpoint the problem. I take meeting notes on a yellow legal pad. I take pictures of meeting notes using the Page Camera feature, creating a new multiple image note. I process two separate meetings successfully - both were two pages long. I then processed a meeting that had seven pages of notes. All seven pages appeared to capture and process correctly. I saved the note and went to Evernote on de
  8. I like this idea a lot. This would work well for me. I wonder how the idea of distinct tags would be implemented, though. Consider crispinb's scenario of multiple instances of "Chapter 1" or "Introduction" within parent containers.
  9. Ouch. Not sure what happened there. I "know" Daly (as much as you can know someone from reading their online postings) from other mailing lists/groups. I would describe him as helpful, intelligent, level-headed, even classy. This latest seems out of character. Believe me, I'm not one to shy from complaining/whining about the feature set I want. But to post on an external site that development of a product seems to have stopped because "your" features haven't been implemented/answered satisfactorily is out of line. It's one thing to express disappointment, criticism, etc. Quite another to imply
  10. First off, I want to thank you for responding so patiently. I was concerned I came across snarkier than I intended. You and I agree on many points. Though we seem to have a different idea on what a clear answer means. I'd still argue (based on your response) that you had to *figure out* what Dave meant. My point was that if someone asks "Will you provide feature A?" Answering "We suggest using feature B, and here are reasons why feature B is awesome." - isn't really answering the original question. There are *implied* answers, of course. Hmmm... I can see this discussion veering off into sema
  11. Really? You think the response to subnotebooks has been pretty clear? The closest thing to a clear "no" that I saw was in this post: I have pretty much assumed subnotebooks aren't going to happen. And as I've posted before I can deal with that provided tag hierarchies actually work like real hierarchies. But I think claiming that Dave's post - or the "official word" from EN about this - has been "pretty clear" is far too generous. I am merely assuming that subnotebooks aren't happening, because it sounds like that is the case. I don't know for sure. Do you? Evernote is a great product tha
  12. Oh yeah, I know that tags won't solve every notebook/folder hierarchy problem. But having a true parent-child tag system (with inheritance) would go a long way. I think you were the first in that thread to remark that the concept of parent tags without inheritance rendered them pretty much useless. And I agree. From a UI perspective, I just don't agree with (or even understand) showing a user a collapsible parent-child relationship where the child is completely independent from the parent in all functional aspects. I think it's a design flaw. My opinion, of course.
  13. Thanks for this. It is a workaround, but does save some time. I really hope Evernote will come out with an "official" response for tag inheritance. I get the feeling that tag inheritance is more likely to happen than sub-notebooks, but what do I know? (my guess is that getting tags to match the display of parents is relatively simple - when a child tag is selected/checked, you could trigger the selection of the parent. After all the environment is already displaying them differently, so it "knows" one is a parent...) I am betting on tag inheritance. It's just gotta happen! I can live without
  14. I am really disappointed. I recently paid for a Premium account. I love Evernote. I love how responsive they seem to be on this forum. But I just don't understand the implementation of tags. I've been learning Evernote, and saw this thread earlier this week. I didn't read through all the posts, but skimming some of the posts, I figured, a "folders guy," if I wanted to use Evernote I was going to have to switch to the tag paradigm. Not a huge deal (so I thought). I understand folders and tags are different ways to organize. But on some levels, folders and tags differ by semantics, style or pref
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