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Saving existing note, so that the dialog for a new one can be started via an intent

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I want to create snapshot notes simply be putting a specific finger on the fingerprint sensor to start the phone. Currently, it works when there's no open note within Evernote. I simply created a new app that sends an Evernote intent for a snapshot note. This makes taking new notes really fast and I like it.

Unfortunately, when there's an unsaved SnapShot note open this intent opens the existing note instead of starting a new one. Ideally, I would like to send an intent or other API call that tells Evernote to save the existing note, so that I can start a new one. I started an StackOverflow question (https://stackoverflow.com/q/45644540/25282) and got the answer that this isn't possible via intents. Is there another way to do this via Evernotes API?

I also would like to do the same for standard text notes. 

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gaz is correct, StackOverflow is the place; but since you asked your above question here and not in your SO question, I'll reply here.

The Evernote API interacts only with the Evernote cloud web service. It has no knowledge of the state of things on a given client, so would not have any ability to interact with and save a particular open note on the Android client.

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