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Random text wrap and letters added when editing

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Here's the problem I'm having (android and recently web): New note. No issues. BUT if I go back to edit a note I get some funky stuff. Line breaks. Odd letter wrapping. On occasion I'll get extra spaces or extra letters if I try to hard return. Haven't messed with any formatting. It just started one day. 

Attached is a sample of what is going on.
-Hard return mid sentence.
-Letter wrapped down on its own.

I thought it was app (or now web) specific. But if I try to cut/paste into another program the problem remains which makes me think it's formatting. But I haven't changed ANY settings. Notes weren't originally like this, but as I've opened them I've noticed it. Try to change it and the problem remains.

Any ideas?

evernote wrap.PNG

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Hi.  Standard 'fix' for mobile client issues is - uninstall and reinstall the app,  to rule out any problems there.  I appreciate that doesn't help the web client,  but we can't do anything about that..

Are these notes that get reformatted just text?  Or is this clipped content from another web site?

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I'll give it a shot. The problem is taking place on multiple android devices. So I fear a single remove/replace of the app will not be helpful. The content is written and edited solely in Evernote.

I'm attaching shot from another Evernote text note. As I edited or added to the note it added extra letters every time I used a hard return or space. I also experienced run-on words. No spaces. I finally moved on and worked around it, but it was seriously frustrating. Again on multiple devices.

evernote snippet.JPG

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