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  1. Thanks for the direction. It looks very similar to what I'm dealing with.
  2. I'll give it a shot. The problem is taking place on multiple android devices. So I fear a single remove/replace of the app will not be helpful. The content is written and edited solely in Evernote. I'm attaching shot from another Evernote text note. As I edited or added to the note it added extra letters every time I used a hard return or space. I also experienced run-on words. No spaces. I finally moved on and worked around it, but it was seriously frustrating. Again on multiple devices.
  3. Here's the problem I'm having (android and recently web): New note. No issues. BUT if I go back to edit a note I get some funky stuff. Line breaks. Odd letter wrapping. On occasion I'll get extra spaces or extra letters if I try to hard return. Haven't messed with any formatting. It just started one day. Attached is a sample of what is going on. -Hard return mid sentence. -Letter wrapped down on its own. I thought it was app (or now web) specific. But if I try to cut/paste into another program the problem remains which makes me think it's formatting. But I haven't changed ANY settings. Notes weren't originally like this, but as I've opened them I've noticed it. Try to change it and the problem remains. Any ideas?
  4. I don't know if this is the same issue but I'm getting something similar. It almost seems like a formatting issue but I haven't changed any settings. In my attached example there's a line break mid-sentence. I CAN'T get rid of it. A sentence or 2 later a letter wraps on its own. When I cut/paste to another program the problem remains. No idea why.
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