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Cannot edit picture in Evernote due to SD Card Permissions

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As per screenshots. Do you guys have this problem in terms of granting access to the SD card root directory? I have tried reinstalling Evernote but still face the same issue. 

Have been prompted similarly for other apps, but still eventually able to grant permissions, not sure why Evernote is the only one. I just need to crop my picture after it's taken using Evernote's camera. 

2017-05-07 11.57.35.png

2017-05-07 11.57.49.png

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Hmmn.  Can you not crop the picture within the note?  SD card access from an Android mobile is a complicated subject - too big to cover properly here,  try a web search.  Having said which: if your pictures are being saved back to the Android Gallery (an option in Evernote settings) and you have the device camera set to use the SD card for its pictures,  you should have routine access.  Is your device rooted?  What device and Android version to you have?

I tend to edit pics on the desktop,  but some quite interesting things are possible on my Android phablet - long press the pic to get a menu,  and...



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When I click Edit, it brings me to Quickpic, my default gallery and photo editing app. When I want to save the cropped changes, it prompts me as per my screenshots above. 

Yes, my device is rooted but I used to have no such issues previously. 

Also, SD card is my default for saving pictures from camera too. Using S7, on Nougat Rom. 

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I have exactly the same problem. I cannot edit the pictures in a note to crop them after taking the photo.

This happens on my Samsung galaxy tab 2, where the SD card is seen as an external storage, and on my Motorola g4 phone, where the card is used as adopted storage, which means that it should be transparent to the phone that is not internal memory. I have no problems editing images in quickpic on either device, only from within Evernote. 

Support guys, if you read these forums, how about some suggestions or a fix ??

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On 12/06/2017 at 3:25 PM, David Tunstall said:

Support guys, if you read these forums, how about some suggestions or a fix

Don't think editing pictures is an SD card issue.  After a little more digging I found my editing menus seemed to come from Google Photos,  so I'd guess that when you try to open a picture on your device,  it opens in whatever app is registered as the preferred host for those file types.  Establishing that is a Samsung issue,  not even Evernote.  I'm pretty certain there's nothing to 'fix' here - Evernote works exactly the way that Android requires.

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On 6/14/2017 at 8:06 PM, gazumped said:

Establishing that is a Samsung issue,  not even Evernote.  I'm pretty certain there's nothing to 'fix' here - Evernote works exactly the way that Android requires.

Same problem for me. And I disagree that it's a Samsung issue. There are more Samsung users than Apple users worldwide, so it would behoove Evernote to give us the same deference they give iOS subscribers, lest they lose us.

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1 hour ago, boneycur said:

And I disagree that it's a Samsung issue.

Actually,  so do I - my fingers got a little ahead of my brain at that point..  (so many answers,  so little time...)

I should have said it's an Android issue,  not Evernote.  If you search the web there are a lot of opinions around but very little in the way of hard facts about the practicality of using SD cards.  Some versions of Android seem to exclude that option,  others at least make it a possibility: but with so many users of Android phones out there,  app designers have to cater for the lowest common denominator. 

Everyone wth shiny new phones would love a new feature,  but the rest of us with old tech and creaky OS's would just complain that it's unfair to have features that are only available to some users and not to other - equally fee-paying - folks out there.  Whatever the facts of the matter I tend to be driven by the conviction that Android users in Evernote would love to see this as an option.  And if it were possible to do it,  they would've done it already.

Meantime if 128GB SD card storage is available to you,  and you really want to store all your notes there,  the Evernore Alternatives out there may offer some options.  Evernote doesn't (yet),  but there's a votable feature request page here - currently with 8 votes...


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for security reasons Android does not grant access  to SD card content to apps that can alter content (unless device is rooted). 

Hence Evernote cannot be blamed, nor Samsung, it is simply Android policy.  In a new device best to go for plenty of onboard storage.

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