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How to merge notes clipped from web - and retain "note into" (web address) for each note?

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Merging notes work great in EN - except for when I want to keep track of "note info" for clips from the net. Specifically I find it useful to keep the web address for reference. Right now, the "top note" in a stack of notes being merged defines the web address note info for the resulting merged note; not super useful.

The best answer I can come up with is to copy the web address to the actual note manually to the actual context on the note before merging them.

Any better way to do this automatically (keyboard shortcut?), or at least an easier way to copy/paste the http address from note into to the actual note? something?

Thanks for any ideas.

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a good idea - may help some in my situation. Unfortunately this wouldn't really work for my as I want to merge lots of screen clippings and since they are all called "screenshot"  (unless I put a lot of effort to edit each title), the resulting table of contents wouldn't do much.

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4 hours ago, The big Discovery said:

I'm thinking this is a new-ish option

I agree - it's worth scrolling through that set of menus after any updates to see what's been added!  (And occasionally to make sure that options stay where you wanted them...)

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