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Download for Windows not working

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Hi - I just got a new Windows laptop, and I want to install Evernote.

On the download page, nothing happens when I click on the Download option for Windows.  If I click on the (If your download didn't start, click here.) option, I get a 404 page. 

Any suggestions? I've already downloaded other applications with no problem on my new laptop.




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36 minutes ago, a_blngr said:

one month later, the problem still exists? The Evernote download for Windows is not working. From here https://evernote.com/products/?var=c, if I click on the (If your download didn't start, click here.) option, I get a 404 page.  

anywhere we can download evernote for Windows please?


That link works fine for me.

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Just now, a_blngr said:

i get an error - see screen capture

That means it's broken for you, but not for everyone. If I were you I'd try to verify your route to evernote.com using TRACERT or some other tool.

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