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5 hours ago, bobzani said:

How do I do so "en masse," instead of one at a time?

afaik  "en masse" changes can only be done on the Win/Mac platforms
edited: see @gazumped's post below about changing to the old web version

To add to the confusion, we're expecting a new web version soon.  It would be great if provided this feature

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If you have an account that is more than a few months old,  you may be able to switch back to (or you may already be using) the 'old' web version - have a look in Settings to see whether you have the option to change.  In the old web version it is possible to multi-select notes,  and that gets you a pop-up from which you can carry out batch tagging or moving (amongst other things).

Evernote removed the option to switch between old and new web versions some time last year,  so I you don't find the option in settings,  then you're stuck with doing this on a desktop,  as suggested.

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