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Unwanted duplicated notes


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Hi everyone !

I have a little problem when I am modifing a note. Sometimes new versions of the note are created without my wanting it. I end up having a lot of different versions of the same note and it is a little annoying to organize myself with all these notes. 

Is there an parameter to turn this function off ?

Thank you for your answers !

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5 hours ago, Marceldesti said:

I end up having a lot of different versions of the same note

This should not be happening. 

Are you making a simple edit to the note - such as correcting a spelling error, adding some more text to the note?

Or are you modifying an attached file inside the note (.doc, .pdf, .xls) and then manually saving the changed document?

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I tend to put this sort of problem down to a slow,  weak or erratic internet connection.  When you're editing,  the changes are saved to the server as you're making them;  and if your local device loses its connection to the server,  even if only for a fraction of a second,  the server doesn't know if the next change is a continuation of the previous session,  or a completely new edit - so it starts a new copy of the note to keep the work that's been done so far as well as the new changes that are coming through.  Working through a browser,  I don't see how that sort of problem can be cured - there will always be slow or noisy connections;  how can Evernote get around them?  Even non-Evernote work is affected - I lost a long post to another forum today,  purely by hitting Ctrl+key rather than Shift+key.  Instant result - no window.

The way I avoid issues (when I think about it) is to copy and paste any web content into a word processor,  save that to my desktop,  do all the necessary changes I have in mind,  then copy and paste the new content back online.  It's not exactly convenient,  and it's far from ideal;  but it is fairly foolproof.  Just sayin'.

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