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Feature Request - Note count for saved searches

Eduardo Estefano


Right now you are able to display note counts for notebooks and tags, but not for saved searches.

People use notecounts with saved searches to quickly know things like "How many pending tasks for user Joe" or "How many prospects in a sales pipeline".

Please add this to the next version!

Thank you

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I can see how this would get really complex if the saved search has a text in the middle. Basically it would have to execute the saved search on the background all the time. But only for saved searches that are in your favorites, so this would reduce the impact a little.

I don't know how this could be implemented in the code. Computers are getting faster and faster. They would have to measure the impact and offer as an optional display so users with slower machines could turn this off.


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So how would this work.  Every saved search is executed to obtain a count; repeat any time there's an edit or sync.  I wonder how that would impact resources?

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