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  1. The keyboard shortcut for presentation mode is command-enter All too often I find my screen going into presentation mode due to accidentally hitting that particular shortcut combination. I think it has to do with me using Shift-Command-H to draw a horizontal line and then immediately hitting enter. Perhaps it is a delay or perhaps my fingers are too quick for my own good but for whatever reason from time to time the shortcuts get confused and I go into presentation mode. It would be great to be able to remap that feature or turn it off. Thanks
  2. +1 Command-L to edit title Title Command-' to edits tags Command-(something) to edit the reminders. I'd love to have that hotkey combo
  3. Wow! Thank you for this functionality. I was using Sunrise Calendar just for this feature but have always preferred the native Apple Calendar. This is fantastic for me - nice work!
  4. Here's my workaround for this: Essentially it's using Emoji to "Colour Code" notebooks and notebook stacks. If you're on Mac and iOS it works a treat and for me it makes Evernote infinitely more useful.
  5. If your a fan of using colours to help with navigation and usability you may find this little tip helpful
  6. In case it helps anyone this was fixed for me with a simple restart i probably should have tried that first but it only occurred to me after posting. Hope this helps someone else.
  7. Hi all - I upgraded to EN 6.0 this morning. Notes appear in the index but if I click on any of them the note seems to be empty. I have just discovered that it's not that they are empty, but that they are taking around a full minute to appear. There is no issue online in the web version. Has anyone else experienced this? I have not yet upgraded to Yosemite - could this be the issue?
  8. This won't help everyone but it helped me - I was unaware of changes being made to shared notebooks and I need to know what they were and when they happened. Evernote for Mac uses the notification centre feature in OSX. You can configure it to notify you of recent changes using either badges or alerts. Badges appear and then disappear, whereas alerts remain onscreen until they are dismissed. I configured alerts from the default Banners style to the "Alert" style used system preferences to make Evernote the top of my Notification Centre list. Now I get notified of changes or additions in shared notebooks and if i want quick access to then I can use notification centre to do that.
  9. It's been almost a year since i first posted this. Does anyone know if such a shortcut has been introduced or if it is in the EN5 beta?
  10. I have searched to see if this has been asked before and am surprised that it hasn't: Keyboards shortcut to invoke the "Search Notebooks" field (not the search notes field, top right). I start most tasks by navigating to the appropriate notebook. Mousing to it each time is extremely tedious. I believe there is a shortcut on PC but not Mac?
  11. Can anyone point me to where i make feature requests and suggestions? ...I just realised my avatar is exactly the expression i have on my face after realising there is no keyboard shortcut for this function
  12. @Metrodon - darn but thanks for confirming @mrgoerend - sorry to bring it to your attention
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