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Exclude images from clipped webpages



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Hi.  Not possible at present without going back to edit your clip - even 'simplified' web pages include some images.  You could use multiple selections or screenshots to only copy text,  or you could dump a copy of the page into a plain text editor.  Not sure how often this would be required by other users - a picture being a thousand words often goes double on the internet,  where illustrations are frequently integral to the message being conveyed.  I copy articles and often expand the selection to include the header image because the thumbnail I see in the app helps identify that clip more easily when I'm looking through a lot of notes.  You'll see how popular a feature this would be by the votes at top left of the page...

If you don't mind explaining further,  how is a picture-free note helpful in your use case?

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This seems like a pretty obvious feature and I'm surprised it wasn't included in the first place. (Though there are plenty of features being added on a regular basis I've no use for.)

There should be a checkbox next to Simplified that says "Omit images". Subtracting images isn't that hard, folks.

As for the "use case", take your pick. There may be a list of things interspersed with unwanted images like this GIF animation nightmare:


I could be getting a lot more things done in Evernote at work that aren't necessarily related to the thing I should be working on, but the images "give it away".

For now, this does the job reasonably well: https://www.textise.net/


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