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Text formatting with font size in Android



Ok. We have indent, bold, italic, underline, and even strike-through. So I am really surprised to see there're no font size option! OMG. Isn't that just rich texts? Man, I need that. Say I clipped an article with a large header. I want to insert some comments on top.


That aside, sometimes we do need font sizes to illustrate our points, or just for fun.

Please, I don't want to go to desktop/web version every time I want to format texts properly. Afterall, that defeats the purpose of syncing notes across devices right?

Thanks, and I hope this could be implemented soon.


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5 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Yes, this would be a good idea. In fact, it's been requested numerous times; a little searching would take you to one of the two or three threads already present on the first page of the forum, e.g.:

Your best bet is to go there and add your vote to that request.

Yes. I also found this post. I thought it's some what vague though. Some of the comments talked about fonts being too small to read; the OP asked for default font size. Those are not what I want: dynamically adjustable font size on every word in every note content. Don't want to set the default font size everytime I make a new note… and how do I change font size when I'm half-way through?


Thanks for  your suggestion though. I have up-voted the idea : )

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3 hours ago, gazumped said:

...Or you could make a new note and merge them afterward..  the font size is set by the clip heading.  A new note will have your default font size and merge as slightly smaller text...

Oh yes. this is certainly a workaround… but I'd have to make/look for the format I want in existing sources whenever I want an adjustment… this is a goos suggestion though. I'll stick to this first.


As a programmer though, I don't quite understand how font size adjustment is difficult to implement when the app can already display all kinds of formatting and add styles to font… that's really weird this aren't shipped-in with the styling features…

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10 hours ago, hulloanson said:

I don't quite understand how font size adjustment is difficult to implement

Long story short - the original app was developed by an independent team with instructions to 'do the best you can with the platform'.  Their design was for a basic editor without frills - little more than plain text.  Problem was this editor was baked in to the code so adding options would have been a root-and-branch exercise in Android.  And a different one for iOS,  and Mac,  Windows and Web.  So they recoded the whole app for all OS's so that the editor module was the same,  and so improvements could be added to all devices at the same time without separate development.  It took a while,  finishing the initial releases this year.  More to follow...

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Sorry - no great inside knowledge here - I just read stuff... https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2016/10/17/bringing-micro-services-to-the-client-side-project-ion-and-micro-components

Edit:  Must read the post properly before replying. Must read the post properly before replying....

Sorry - right answer,  wrong link. 

There was another post somewhere to confirm that Evernote for Mac was updated to the new Common Editor late last year,  so there's work in progress,  but Evernote (usually) keep any details -and important dates- firmly to themselves...

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