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  1. Oh yes. this is certainly a workaround… but I'd have to make/look for the format I want in existing sources whenever I want an adjustment… this is a goos suggestion though. I'll stick to this first. As a programmer though, I don't quite understand how font size adjustment is difficult to implement when the app can already display all kinds of formatting and add styles to font… that's really weird this aren't shipped-in with the styling features…
  2. Yes. I also found this post. I thought it's some what vague though. Some of the comments talked about fonts being too small to read; the OP asked for default font size. Those are not what I want: dynamically adjustable font size on every word in every note content. Don't want to set the default font size everytime I make a new note… and how do I change font size when I'm half-way through? Thanks for your suggestion though. I have up-voted the idea : )
  3. Ok. We have indent, bold, italic, underline, and even strike-through. So I am really surprised to see there're no font size option! OMG. Isn't that just rich texts? Man, I need that. Say I clipped an article with a large header. I want to insert some comments on top. AND NOW I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WRITE NOTES IN FONTS AS LARGE AS THE ARTICLE TITLE. WHY?! That aside, sometimes we do need font sizes to illustrate our points, or just for fun. Please, I don't want to go to desktop/web version every time I want to format texts properly. Afterall, that defeats the purpose of syncing notes across devices right? Thanks, and I hope this could be implemented soon.
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