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Privacy issue! Need to clear email address suggestions from Share Notebook dialog box!

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When I attempt to share a notebook, I start typing an email address in the "To:" box of the "Share Notebook" dialog box. In response, the "To:" box displays a long list of suggested email addresses, most of which I never used in Evernote and many of which are not in my Outlook contacts at all. This happens in both the Windows application and in the web application and it happens on two different computers. It continues to happen even after I turned off the Evernote Outlook Contact Connector add-in.

This seems like a gross invasion of my privacy given that email addresses that are not in my Outlook contacts are somehow being scooped up. How do I clear these suggested email addresses from Evernote? I can't find any place to do this!

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Hi.  Do you use gmail?  I believe Evernote picks up the suggestions from your gmail account as well as Outlook.  I don't know a way to switch that off,  but it's not meant as an invasion of privacy - the app is only displaying the options to you,  and they're easily dismissed - just keep on typing the address(es) you want to use.  If the suggestions are distracting,  you could try typing the email address in the body of the note and cut/ paste it into the address box in one go.

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I do not use Gmail. This is more than Evernote just displaying suggestions, this is Evernote gleaning email addresses not just from my contacts, but also from my email messages and storing them on its servers, without providing a means for an end user to block Evernote from doing this or delete them!

I am deeply disappointed! I use Evernote a lot, but this makes me wonder what else they are gleaning from my account and potentially selling!

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1 hour ago, nellienobody said:

this is Evernote gleaning email addresses not just from my contacts, but also from my email messages

We do not do that. Any addresses will be from people you have previously contacted, shared notes with (or to), or if you're a member in a business account. (or, as noted, google, if you authorized it)

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