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Android app crashes and loses my notes

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I am really pissed off because this has happened several times now and i have lost several important notes that i cannot retrieve (it's not in the trash or on evernote web).  I am using my htc one, android 4.4.3, with the most updated evernote app.

While typing my note, the evernote app suddenly crashes.  all my other apps work, i can go open other apps and use them, but when i go back to the evernote app it is frozen, when i restart my phone, my notes i typed since the last sync were lost.

There have also been two times where i finished typing a note on my phone, but for some reason it couldnt sync to the cloud.  these are only text notes, no images audio or other and i have plenty of space in my upload limit.  but for some reason the note doesnt upload and sync, and the next time i load up my phone the note is gone!   if this is evernote's reliability i will have to switch because this is unacceptable.


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Hi.  Mobile devices aren't great for extended note taking;  they've no real storage capability and must rely on the data network connection for some of their functionality.  I'm not fond of taking notes on my mobile much beyond taking pictures and adding a title - I tend to use a 'real' notepad and take a picture of the notes for backup (I lost a notepad once...). 

For reasons of storage capacity Evernote doesn't store notes on mobile devices apart from those selected for download in 'offline searchable' notebooks.  (I don't know if your note would be safer if you were adding to that sort of notebook.)  You could look at a word-processing app that saves notes to the device - at least a version of the note will be saved locally,  and you can add a copy to your note as an attachment.

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Hi Gazumped, thanks for the response and your suggestions.  I agree with you it's not very reliable to take notes on the mobile phone, and that's a very sad state, that Evernote, the top note taking program is so unreliable.  I wish there were a better option out there and if there is one I'll definitely jump to it.

I also don't know why Evernote doesn't store all the notes offline, our phones have gigabytes of space these days, it's definitely not in the users interest and it's very annoying to not have all my notes handy when I'm travelling without internet, so it must be Evernotes interest.

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5 minutes ago, sum1akaJ said:

I also don't know why Evernote doesn't store all the notes offline, our phones have gigabytes of space these days

You might want to check into offline notebooks
I have all my notes offline

On the notebooks page, I can select offline storage for selected notebooks (or All Notes on my iPad )

Its a feature for paid accounts

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