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Poor Customer Service Experience

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I hope all's well. I just got out of a chat room with rep which was a less than pleasant experience. I had a series of concerns to address regarding billing and features. When I told her that a feature was not working for me and that it never has, her response was "It should work." :huh: This was not the sympathetic or apologetic or even bewildered response I was expecting from a CSR. While I did get all of my questions answered, the rep's shortness and apparent irritation with me throughout the entire chat session made this less than pleasant experience -- a very different experience from what I've previously experienced with Evernote. 



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10 minutes ago, DanEnt said:

When I told her that a feature was not working for me and that it never has, her response was "It should work."

Is this the issue for the undo feature; where the CSR went on to ask if you navigated from the note, and the circumstances? 

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Hi @DanEnt,

I'm sorry to see you feel your chat experience was less than pleasant. After reviewing the chat conversation, it looks like all of your billing concerns were addressed. It also appears that Ava was attempting to help troubleshoot why the Undo key command wasn't working in the Evernote app on your computer. After she sent, "It should work," she began typing her next set of questions. She was simply verifying this key command should be working, and then moved on to gather some additional information. I don't perceive any irritation or shortness on my end, and Ava was also surprised to see you felt this way.

Let me know if you have any other feedback, or if there's anything I can help you out with here on the forum.

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Thank you for your quick response. Obviously our standards are different. At the very least, I was expected to read, "I'm sorry." - a phrase that you shared, but clearly do not feel.  Your response pretty much matches what I experienced with Ava. Perhaps this is just a generational thing and I'm just "old school".

In any event, I look forward to seeing the support ticket.  

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