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  1. Thank you for your quick response. Obviously our standards are different. At the very least, I was expected to read, "I'm sorry." - a phrase that you shared, but clearly do not feel. Your response pretty much matches what I experienced with Ava. Perhaps this is just a generational thing and I'm just "old school". In any event, I look forward to seeing the support ticket.
  2. Hello, I hope all's well. I just got out of a chat room with rep which was a less than pleasant experience. I had a series of concerns to address regarding billing and features. When I told her that a feature was not working for me and that it never has, her response was "It should work." This was not the sympathetic or apologetic or even bewildered response I was expecting from a CSR. While I did get all of my questions answered, the rep's shortness and apparent irritation with me throughout the entire chat session made this less than pleasant experience -- a very different experience from what I've previously experienced with Evernote. Thanks.
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