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Ability to Select Parent Tag when creating a new Tag

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My tags in evernote are sorted in a child parent like manner, for example under the location parent tag I have a number of work site name tags, and under active projects tags is a list of my work project name tags. I'm assuming alot of people do this to maintain some order in their tags.

Every time I create a new tag it gets sorted alphabetically, and to drop it under a parent tag I have to find it and place it there which is a slow process when you have hundreds of tags, and have to pick it up and scroll across the screen.

The feature I would like is when you are creating a new tag that it allows you to assign its parent. That way it is a smooth process of creating and sorting tags in one go.

You could even go one step further by allowing this feature to happen when creating a new tag within a note. When typing in the new tag you place a "$" then the list of tags show up and you select its parent.

It would streamline very a common process that currently is a pain.




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On 2016-11-06 at 10:03 PM, AndyMac90 said:

It would streamline very a common process that currently is a pain.

Personally, I don't worry about tag hierarchy when creating a new tag on the fly.
And tag hierarchy isn't even available on my iPad

So, I just create new tags as required.

Later, on my Mac, I clean up the new tags; inserting them into a hierarchy, resolving duplicates etc

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