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  1. So I looked over everything, and it looks like my desktop version (on windows 10 enterprise) sync has failed. Error 19416 & 15716 can't connect to server. Tried the troubleshooting options but to no avail. It does look like my work has suddenly banned Evernote, as even the website is blocked, so I'm assuming firewall settings were changed. It doesn't completely explain out of org emails not showing up in the sync but it's probably to do with that. Thanks for your help though, if you have any suggestions for the sync issue just let me know as the company ICT department might as well be a Wendy's.
  2. I clip an email in Outlook desktop application, clipper shows preview with all the content. When it uploads into Evernote only the title is present with the rest of the note blank. If the email had an image, the note snippet still has the image thumbnail, so data is in there. Tried just forwarding but has the same issue. Using the Android app to view the note and the note content comes up fine. Note this issue only comes about for clipped, forwarded emails that have the "originated from outside of the organisation" label in the Evernote legacy desktop application. Other emails work fine. Any suggestions to get it to behave?
  3. Hi Searching by multiple tags in the android app is straightforward but I can't seem to search further by performing a multiple tag search within a select notebook or the other way round. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? So far a workaround is to sort by notebook after the tag search but that is very tedious. Using evernote 8.9 Android version 9 Cheers
  4. Hi My tags in evernote are sorted in a child parent like manner, for example under the location parent tag I have a number of work site name tags, and under active projects tags is a list of my work project name tags. I'm assuming alot of people do this to maintain some order in their tags. Every time I create a new tag it gets sorted alphabetically, and to drop it under a parent tag I have to find it and place it there which is a slow process when you have hundreds of tags, and have to pick it up and scroll across the screen. The feature I would like is when you are creating a new tag that it allows you to assign its parent. That way it is a smooth process of creating and sorting tags in one go. You could even go one step further by allowing this feature to happen when creating a new tag within a note. When typing in the new tag you place a "$" then the list of tags show up and you select its parent. It would streamline very a common process that currently is a pain. Cheers
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