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Linking Google Calendar into Evernote

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Is it possible for me to link Google Calendar to Evernote or vice versa? 

I am entering in information for appointments into Evernote so I can attach documents to. I want to be able to enter in addresses, dates, and times as well sync it into Google Calendar. So when I open up Google Calendar I can just click on the "find map" button and open Google Maps without having to type it into 2 different places. 

Any suggestions?

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On 11/3/2016 at 6:28 PM, DTLow said:

I use Cronofy Calendar Connector to sync my Reminders to my calendar app

I use the Reminder feature basically as a due date, and I'm happy with the syncing feature


I have just created this connection so I will be interested how this shapes up as for 2017 I am pushing everything into Evernote and Google.  

Thanks for highlighting!

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8 hours ago, Coffee First Thing said:

I've stopped using apps and integrations to link Evernote with Google calendar. Instead I simply copy a note's link (Note/Copy Internal Link) and past that into the notes section of my calendar entry. 

Yes, I include the note link whenever I want a reference back to Evernote; Calendar, Reminders, Spreadsheet

The apps and integrations also support the automatic creation of the calendar entry.  Some also offer a EN<>Calendar sync of changes.

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