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How to use Web Clipper on Android

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I'm new to evernote, and I'm confused. The official explanation for how to use web clipper on an Android mobile device makes no sense. Here it is:

It says, "To clip a web page from your browser, simply tap the options menu button on your device (for example, '...') and select Evernote".

Um, what? When it says "options menu button" does it mean the options button in my browser? (The device would be the actual phone.) If so, then there's no "Evernote" menu in my browser's options menu. Obviously. Since they're separate apps. What other "options menu button" is it talking about? 

The only thing that seems to make sense is I tap my browser's option button and then select "Share" and then "Add to Evernote". Is THIS what I'm supposed to do? 


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Hi.  Yes the description is out of date (or at the least unclear) - 'Share' is the route to take.  Once you get a big spinning green dot showing the page is being saved,  you have the option to tap the dot and choose 'bookmark' or 'page'.  Whatever choice you make will persist until the next time you tap the dot.

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I have been trying off and on for months to get this to work.  I follow the instructions using Chrome 4.2 on my Android 5.1 Moto E (2nd edition)  to clip to Evernote 4.6.  I click on the 3 vertical dots, get the share menu, pick Add to Evernote, and click on the spinning Elephant. I pick the Notebook if I get the chance.  Sometimes it spins and closes.  And then some of the time I get the page, just as I want it, saved to Evernote, but most of the time I get a png image of of a green picture that says "Clippimg..." and looks like the attached.

No consistency. 


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My fault - should have read the words a little more carefully;  you did explain exactly what you were doing.   When you get a 'clipping...' message,  how long have you left the note before opening it?  AFAIK the clip process continues for some time after you initiate it - presumably avoiding too much strain on your local network downloads.  I've had a few continue into the next day or longer - I find them by accident later - but it's usually fairly trivial to revisit the URL and clip the page again.

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