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  1. I just switched from IOS to Android (P10), and share to Evernote works, but there is no opportunity to select folder like I could with iPhone.
  2. Not sure where to post this - NYT Recipe Box and Evernote now are linked. I'm just not sure how. The NYT page loaded a number of recipes from my Evernote account - somehow. Not sure how it knew where to look. It also loade a few non-recipe notes. Easy to delete them, but I'm not sure how to control that process. Going the other way, there is now a new Evernote notebook called NYT Cooking, with those non-Evernote ones from my NYT box - so that works okay.
  3. Problem with me too. I already have a scanner that I use for pages form journals or books - Scansnap won't do this. I've been scanning as JPG where possible, but that's a less than ideal solution. I have a premium account, but it's obvious Evernote is after the business customers, with all their excitement over new Workchat features. Features I couldn't care less about.
  4. Glad I looked here before wasting too much time trying to fix this. Is there a 'known issues' forum where staff at least acknowledges problems and indicates a planned resolution date?
  5. Yes - Premium. As I said, the search function works, as it does find the particular PDF with the text I am looking for. However, it does not hi-lite the specific text within the document.
  6. Just bought this for iPhone, as will try to finally go 'paperless'. Only problem so far is with Evernote search of resultant PDF's for some text. It finds the PDF but does not hilite the specific text - this I believe is an Evernote problem, from what I've read so far in the forums, but just thought I should mention it.
  7. Just bought Scanner Pro for iPhone, does a great job of producing a PDF. Same issue as above though, if I search for text that is in this PDF, Evernote finds the PDF fine, but does not highlight where the text is in it. I assume this is still an Evernote issue.
  8. Looks like an old post on this. I agree, would be nice to be able to click on a Skitch image in Evernote and have it re-open in Skitch fo further editing.
  9. Yes - very much would like this. I was looking for an app to create simple sketches in that I could save in Evernote, and then edit after. Skitch just seems to do the first bit.
  10. Thanks - changed the enml to enml2 and all is good - they resync. magic.
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