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  1. The latest version of Evernote Clipper for Chrome still causes the same problems. It fails to clip with simplified formatting on a number of websites. Firefox clipper does not have the same problem.
  2. I upgraded and still experience the same problem. Chrome does not clip in simplified formatting on some websites (nytimes.com), even when told to do so. It forces the text into PT Serif. This text is way too small on the iPhone app. When I manually simplify it, it fails to make correct paragraph breaks. Firefox works fine.
  3. Refreshing this bug — When using the Chrome Clipper, the note as it appears in the Evernote Mac app uses PT Serif font, even though that is not my default (and thus simplified) font. When doing the exact same clipping in Firefox, the note shows up in the Evernote Mac app with my default font, which is Avenir. Why does the Chrome web clipper force the text into the wrong font when using the simplified formatting option?
  4. The Chrome web clipper extension does not clip with simplified formatting even though it is selected. I believe this has been the case since around May 2018 or so. When I then manually simplify the formatting in the note inside the Mac Evernote app, it fails to capture paragraph breaks correctly, so the text gets a little bit jammed together. The Firefox extension works fine with simplified formatting.
  5. Also noting this as a problem. The last update to the Chrome extension/clipper was problematic. Why would Evernote decrease functionality? I can no longer search for notebooks and instead am forced to scroll through a very long list. We've also lost the ability to add remarks. What? Why were these things considered an update? They move the product backward. Additionally, the clipper demonstrated a failure to even connect to the Evernote servers yesterday for a number of hours. On top of that, trying to change a note's folder produces a very long wait within the Mac app; it seems something is u
  6. Looks like Evernote is on it. I began having the same web clipping problem starting in late January. Mine occurs on a Pixel using Chrome. It grabs the URL and headline, but fails to capture the text; simplified formatting or full page options have the same result. I see a "Clip Failed" message. I rely on this feature for a lot of web-based research, so hope it gets fixed again soon.
  7. Web clipping for Android on Pixel with Chrome browser stopped working in late January 2018. It captures the URL of the webpage but writes "Clip failed" for the body content.
  8. The closest competitor I've found is Microsoft's OneNote, but I abandoned it quickly because I find its interface so clunky. It also felt a bit slow, and I did not immediately see a way to make it clip pages in a simplified format. However, it is free and backed by a huge company. https://www.onenote.com/ Zoho's product still needs a desktop and browser-based app, but it does have Android and iOS apps ==> https://www.zoho.com/notebook/evernote-alternative.html And I've heard good things about SimpleNote, but haven't tried it, yet. https://simplenote.com/ However, it seems Sim
  9. Iterating the problems discussed here: the Chrome extension stopped working consistently. The error message reads: "The Clipper couldn't start on this page. Reload the page and try again. If that doesn't help, contact customer support." No settings for my Chrome browser have been changed. I imagine something updated behind the scenes, triggering the error with Evernote. Sometimes reloading the page, as suggested by the error message, fixes the problem. Sometimes it does not. This is a poor experience, and I am paying for the service. I rely upon the Clipper to do quite a bit of res
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